Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday my daughter and I decided to do some shopping up in Conway NH and then afterwards head over the border into Maine to go moose looking at our favorite spot. It's a bog area near Bridgeton, Maine that my friend Brenda from Mooseland Tours showed us a few years ago. I have gone moose looking for several years now, checking out all the most promising areas such as bogs and of course Bog Road right here, but had never seen a moose. You either have to get up at some obscene hour and go sit in the bog for hours listening and waiting with great anticipation, or go in the early evening and do the same until it gets too dark to see them. Of course you could practice your moose calling to make your chances better but I was always afraid that I might encounter a very amorous moose and not live to tell about it.
On the drive up I was teasing my daughter, telling her that moose are from fairytales and created only to encourage the tourist trade in New England. She laughed and said "Yeah, just like the Unicorn." So we have renamed the species.... it's now known as the Unimoose or the Moosicorn depending on gender.
I called Brenda on our way up to the bog and she was happy to meet us there. It was great seeing her and her friend Judy and especially her grandson Ben who I had chatted with online before. What a good looking young man he is! He's going to break some hearts when he grows up for sure. Long story short, we watched and waited until deep dusk and didn't see anything. In truth I have seen a moose.... the only time I've ever seen one...and it was with Brenda... the all knowing Moose Looker of Maine. If you have never seen one it is an amazing sight. You have no concept of how huge they are until you see them in person. It's something you will never forget.
If you are ever planning a visit to Maine give Brenda a call and go on her tour. It will be your best possible chance of seeing them. I think Brenda's last count for this year's sightings was well over 100.
So.... for lack of a moose I will show you a picture of the little river nearby the bog. As my daughter said... It's the most serene place... very peaceful and the air is so fresh. Well worth the visit and the experience of moose looking.




Jeanette Janson said...

Don't feel bad...I lived in Maine or NH for the first 20 years of my life and never once saw a moose. Not that I was so interested in doing so at that time, but it would have been cool!

ArtSnark said...

How fun! You make me miss home - love Maine/NH this time of year :D

QueenBe said...

What a huge thrill that would be to see one, or even hear one. In upper Michigan we have Elk, and although I have never seen one I have heard their call, also very exciting. You painted quite a vivid picture in my mind, imagining you lurking through the bog to catch a glimpse. Great blog, too. Stacey of Art Snark turned me onto your blog ages ago!