Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Queen Anne

Well the time has come... time to part with Queen Anne. She is an art doll that I created last year and was hard pressed to part with... but she says it's time to move on.

I've listed her in my Etsy store and here is the description:

Have you ever been walking in the woods and you thought you heard a rustle in the bushes or you saw some quick movement out of the corner of your eye, only to look and find nothing? Do you remember walking in the meadow and suddenly a sweet fragrance wafts across, seemingly from no where? There are many creatures in the wood that we are not privileged to know yet they are there, busy looking after the most precious things in our lives. Queen Anne is one such creature. She, along with her woodland friends look after all the faeries, elves, gnomes and garden children, helping them to achieve their mission to give our world all its magic and beauty.

Queen Anne is a one of a kind art doll created from elements of nature including reindeer moss, spanish moss, lichens, pine cones, anemone shell, seed pods, dried berries, milkweed pod, garnet, freshwater pearls, feathers, hornet nest paper, birch bark, shells, cabbage leaf, wheat, butterfly and Queen Annes Lace.

With the exception of the freshwater pearls, I have personally collected all of these elements from the Adirondack Mountains, New Hampshire Lakes Region, the coast of Maine,Nova Scotia, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and numerous other states and mountain regions.

Not only is Queen Anne a mother of nature but she is also the gate to all secret gardens with her tiny door and key hidden within her skirts. Notice all the attention to detail including a real Monarch butterfly.

Her head is vintage and her hands are fashioned from clay, adorned with a genuine garnet. The underlayment is white satin laid in swirls around her body.

Queen Anne measures 15" tall and a full 36" around the base of her skirts.

What a magical gift for a young girl to teach her the love of nature and the mysteries it holds, or for any woman with that same love of nature, art and mystery.

Make Queen Anne an heirloom piece in your life and home.

A lot of love went into that little lady :o)




ArtSnark said...


whyte said...

What a fabulous work of love and nature, I can see why it will be difficult to part with her! Incredible!

Canace said...

Thank you Stacey and Pat! :o)

Can you tell how much I love nature and how my imagination makes it even more magical?

Kathy said...

Oh Candace, this is just breath taking, what a very, very special piece. I just keep looking at her and seeing new things, stunning.
Thanks for the link Stacey...

Mystikal Creations said...

What a gorgeous piece!

Jo Archer said...

That is so lovely; she looks as if she has just grown up out of the earth.