Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pics and Links of the OC Studio Tour

At the risk of sounding like a teenager... the OC Studio Tour was awesome! We met so many talented people and saw some enviable studios. There were 50 participating artists but there was no way that we could have possibly done even 10 of them. Here are a few of the highlights:

First, we stopped at the Newburgh Art Supply where there was a very substantial inventory and the manager was very knowledgeable and happy to share all the information on local galleries and artist submissions. There currently is a call for submissions to the 4th Annual World's Smallest stretched canvas painting competition with a $500 prize. It's offered at the Hudson Valley Gallery, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Next we stopped in to see 'Meadow', from Wood Rock Studios, a very talented mixed media artist.
We had a great chat with her, only to find out that she lives very close by and we are going to get together soon. It's always exciting to meet new artists and get caught up in their enthusiasm for their work.

Off to Warwick, N.Y. to the Strazza Gallery, located in the Clock Tower. What a gorgeous building and impressive studio with both Lisa Strazza's paintings and her husband's photographs. I particularly liked her 'Fish' series which she was kind enough to let me photograph.
Very dynamic and exciting work!

Right in the Clock Tower were two other artists, Femi Ford and Steven Kenny.

Femi Ford is also mixed media and her work is fascinating. Some paintings appear to be textiles when in fact they are painted, others are very subtle and dreamy with great attention to detail.
We had a lovely visit with Femi and headed back to see Steven Kenny. I had seen Steven's work before and it took my breath away. In conversation we learned that he had spent time studying his art in Rome which I find very apparent in his style. I have never seen such beauty in surrealism before and I think you will agree. Amazing work! This is just one of all my favorites of his paintings.
We spent quite a lot of time in Steven's studio just absorbing all the magic of his paintings, feeling the stories and so appreciating his talent in conveying those stories. Have a look at his website and previous works, you won't be disappointed.

Leaving the Clock Tower we headed over to see Lisa Zukowski's studio. Imagine driving up a country lane to find a magic cottage.. that's what it was like seeing her studio. Walking on a stone walkway through her gardens we entered a studio that any artist would love, love, love to be able to create in. Her work is very diverse, yet you can see favorite themes throughout. We were fascinated by all the varied techniques that she uses and also teaches in workshops. Have a look!
Unfortunately the day had disappeared and we had to head home. It was one of those whirlwind days that you lay in bed at night and absorb in all its detail.

I hope you enjoyed your mini tour and you will follow the links to the individual artist's sites who were generous in opening their studios to us.  Thank you!
Best... Canace

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Meandering and Treasure Hunt

A few weeks ago we attended a weekend wedding (Congratulations Cait and Jason!) in Hancock, N.Y. .. a sleepy somewhat forgotten little river town. It's where the East and West Branches of the Delaware River come together.

When we first arrived we passed this deserted looking storefront with these bizarre looking heads.. . bizarre.. must photograph!
Needless to say I wanted one (or more) of these heads! We're not sure if they were cement, plaster.. who knows? Peeking in the windows the store was cluttered with all manner of 'stuff' including a magnificent old woodstove, complete with the mica in the little windows.
Then, looking at an angle through the front door I saw this gorgeous old solid brass scale I would LOVE to take home. Not to weigh myself of course.. that wouldn't be prudent. ;o)
We looked all around for someone to ask about the store but the street was literally deserted. The next morning we checked at a local fly fisherman's shop to see what he knew. He said that the store had been closed for years and the gentleman who owned it had gone pretty well into seclusion. Oh well.. it's still lovely to look at!

The wedding was lovely and we had a great time, but now it's Sunday and time to head home. I decided to take the scenic route as it was a beautiful fall day and there wasn't any hurry. On our way out we saw this lovely mother and daughter.
We drove home over hill and dale, bordering the Delaware River all along the way. It was a beautiful drive and very relaxing.. until.... I spotted this!
Anyone who knows me knows I hate to ever turn around... except for this! A treasure hunters dream!
Here are some pics from inside.
Kitchen Goodies

Lots of brass and copper!

Silver and pewter...

Lots of everything..

Picture of perfection... I forgot I wanted to buy this  :o(

Lovely old watches

And here are some of the things that I purchased. It would seem that I've developed a love for old stove parts. I'll have to start making some really BIG assemblages with these!
Mystery wheel.. has a steel center with spools.. anybody know what it is?
Coal stove draft door and stove skirt
Stove door with mica
Gorgeous old stove door!
I'm thinking I may just hang all the old stove bits on the front of the barn... a collage of rusty bits!

Hope your weekend is a good one..

Best... Canace

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orange County Arts Council-Open Studio Tour Weekend

Wow, it's going to be a great weekend!

Beautiful weather, beautiful leaves and the Orange County Open Studio Tour. There are 50 artists participating....everything from performing arts, oil painting, fiber arts, collage, assemblage etc. etc. etc. You may recognize the name Jonathan Talbot.. he'll be opening his studio this weekend as well. Trust me, his wife Marsha  makes the best scones!

Open Studio Tour Opening Reception: Friday, October 21 from 6-8pm
Open Studio Tour-South: Saturday, October 22 & Sunday, October 23
Visual artists and performing art studios from Warwick, Florida, Goshen, Sugar Loaf, Chester, Monroe, Highland Mills, Cornwall, Blooming Grove, Newburgh and Rock Tavern will be opening their studios and providing a rare opportunity for the public to observe artists up close and personal during their creative process from start to finish. It is the Arts Council’s desire that the Open Studio Tour will open up the world of artists to everyone – from students to the seasoned collector to the first-time art buyer or observer, to the curious general public. We believe that through education, visitors become loyal customers and supporters of art and that this program will grow over the years. The Open Studio Tour-South Opening Reception is a Free event to the public and will be held at the Seligmann Estate, 23 White Oak Dr. Sugar Loaf

I have the complete map in .pdf format... can't figure out how to attach it to a blog post.. so if you would like to see a copy of the map with all the artists listed by location, just drop me an email and I will send it to you. It's fun just going over the map one by one and visiting the artists' websites to see their work.

You know what Janet(Biff) and I will be doing this weekend! (If we keep running off like this do you think our husbands will disown us?) Nahhhhh.... ;o)

Enjoy your week/weekend too!

Best... Canace

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's OOOOooooooverrrrrr

Sung to the tune of Roy Orbison's song.

It's such a bittersweet time when Art Is You is over. So much fun and excitement and oh such wonderful friends.. and then it's over. Still, so many good memories and inspiration to take us through the year until the next AIY... can't wait! In the meantime... remember you guys... we're going to have a studio day here so we don't have to wait so long to see one another again.

For those of you who have never experienced Art Is You, start saving your pennies so you too can take classes from amazing instructors and maybe be a vendor too as I was.  I was so busy buzzing here, there and everywhere I hardly had time to take pics, but here are a few from vending night.

Big hugs... and I miss you all!

Best... Canace

Monday, October 3, 2011

East Coast Art Trunk this coming weekend!


East Coast Art Trunk

The 2011 East Coast Art Trunk will be a mixed media feast of color, texture, and original art.
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Danbury Plaza Hotel

18 Old Ridgebury Road
Danbury CT


Open to the public 10am - 5pm


This gathering of vendors will be selling finished art such as collages, assemblages, art quilts, steam punk jewelry and altered art. They will also be selling supplies such as art papers, kits, beads, frippery, collage sheets, fibers, yarns, fabrics, unique vintage items and original flea market finds. Entry is free to all, with a donation to Honeycomb Cottage encouraged.

Located at the hub of Art is...You - the East Coast Art Retreat, the 2011 Art Trunk promises to be extra special as it moves into a larger space to accommodate more fabulous vendors.

To be held in conjunction with the inaugural Fabulous Flamingo Steeplechase.  Proceeds from the race will be donated to Sarah's House. Faculty, and students will be sponsored to race in the steeplechase so whether you are with us onsite or online, you will be able to support this wonderful cause.

I will be participating in vending again this year. I can't begin to tell you all of the destash that I will be selling there, but trust me it's all unique and exciting stuff at great prices. 
Hope to see you there!

Best... Canace