Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come with me to the Rhinebeck Antiques Fair!

For those of you who weren't able to attend I've compiled some of my pictures to give you the virtual tour. Click on images for a larger view.

I'm going to try to match up dealer's names with their displays as best I can, but if I mix it up please forgive me and if you are the dealer please let me know and I will fix it.

All said it was an amazing day... so much eye candy!  Enjoy!

Best... Canace
Just a little something for your studio ;o)

Melissa Bourque Antiques, Garrison, N.Y.

Brass crate stencils. ..I've never seen a round one before.

Now that's a pair of glasses!

Otto & Susan Hart, Arlington, VT 802-375-1187 ottohart@sover.net

Otto & Susan Hart, Arlington, VT 802-375-1187 ottohart@sover.net

Antique Prints & Papers, Highland Park, N.J.

Eleanor Lee Antiques, Woodstock, N.Y. 845-679-6683

Hilary & Paulette Nolan, Falmouth, Ma 508-548-0127  hpnolan@mac.com

Hilary & Paulette Nolan, Falmouth, Ma 508-548-0127  hpnolan@mac.com

I would have LOVED to own a pair of these!

This was hand carved and each piece is removable

Nutting House Antiques, New Paltz, N.Y.

There were so many more of these... so beautiful!
Marie Miller American Quilts, Dorset, Vt.

Victor Weinblatt, American Country Antiques and Folk Art, South Hadley, MA  413-533-6435  vweinblatt@comcast.net

Can you tell I absolutely LOVE these? Mr Weinblatt was nice enough to tell us the story behind 'skarns'.. isn't it the most beautiful piece?

Every single spool/skarn was hand carved with a beautiful soft patina. 

Victor Weinblatt, American Country Antiques and Folk Art, South Hadley, MA 413-533-6435  vweinblatt@comcast.net

Passports, Salisbury, Ct.

Passports, Salisbury, Ct.
This is Jonathan Oseas, all decked out in his turquoise jewelry. His necklace is an arrangement of old silver dollars. A very sweet man with a great collection of old tools.

 Jonathan and his wife Iris's antique store is the 'Van Deusen House', one of the historic Hurley NY houses. Make sure you call first! 845-331-8852  vandeusn@netzero.com

Jonathan Oseas

INDDESIGN, Upper Black Lake Eddy, PA 610-982-5298 inddesign@earthlink.net

This guy is fully animated, complete with lights!

INDDESIGN, Upper Black Lake Eddy, PA 610-982-5298

Such a beautiful piece of hardware, now a sculpture.

Thomas R Longacre, Marlborough, NH  603-876-4080
I fell in love with these 19th century window guards. So sculptural!   Pioneer Folk Antiques, Ellsworth, Maine 207-664-4744

Richard C. Kyllo Antiques at Grassy Fork, Saddle River, N.J. 201-327-7343

Care to guess what these are? They stand 6' + !   ~Antiques~ Cunha ~ St. John, Charlestown, MA 617-285-3298

I really should have been born in the 1880's... AND lived on the prairie. (With a maid)

Worden Select Objects, Burr Oak, MI 269-489-5311 worden@net-link.net

Worden Select Objects, Burr Oak, MI 269-489-5311


Okay now, this one REALLY belongs in my studio! Such tiny drawers and beautiful patina. I've lost sleep over this one!


   William E. Lohrman Antiques, New Paltz, NY 845-255-6762

You fiber artists would have loved this piece... maybe you still could!
 It's all samples of different wools.

Lana Smith Antiques, Louisville, KY 502-452-2534  Lsmithfolk@aol.com
That center wheel trolley has my name on it too. Imagine something so practical, made to be beautiful at the same time.
Marilyn Draper, Barrington, Illinois 847-381-1242 thistle.mdraper@att.net

 And last, but certainly not least is High Falls Mercantile with beautiful Larlotte showing off the unique inventory of the mercantile. 
High Falls Mercantile, High Falls, N.Y. 

Monday, May 23, 2011


This has been such an incredible year for me with shows and books etc... that I decided I want to share and have some fun with my art buddies and blog hoppers.

My favorite quote is from Henry Van Dyke "Use the talents that you possess, for the woods would be silent if only the best birds sang."  How true and how inspirational! Everyone possesses talents. We all have gifts to give and nothing should stop us from expressing those gifts whether it's art, music, writing, dancing, singing etc. etc... Maybe you want to be a chef! Whatever it is, you need to express yourself and revel in the joy of sharing those talents.

Nuf said.... here's the GIVEAWAY and how to enter:

This assemblage entitled "Talents" is created within a wooden cigar box. I think the picture clearly shows its composition. I will be giving this assemblage away to a randomly drawn name from those who leave a comment here... and.... if you post the giveaway on your blog or Facebook linking to me, then that will be a second entry. Just drop me a line to let me know that you have posted to your blog or Facebook and include a link please.Everyone is eligible, no matter where you live around the world I will send it out to you.

So you have 2 ways to enter:

Leave a comment here on this post.
Post the giveaway link on your blog or Facebook and email to me.  canace@pbunited.com
Drawing date is June 21st.. the first day of Summer.

I can't wait to see who I send this to!

Best... Canace

p.s. Several people have written saying they can't leave a comment. If for some reason you have a problem with your ID, try using the anonymous setting or the URL setting instead. Just tell me who you are in the comment itself. Sorry for the problem... not sure why some people have trouble. :o(

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just in case you missed it....... HIGH FALLS MERCANTILE Celebration Pictures

For those of you who hadn't heard in advance, High Falls Mercantile, High Falls, N.Y. celebrated their 7th anniversary this past Saturday and I had the honor of being their featured artist.  It was a whirlwind day of people coming and going, compliments, OOOoo's and Ahhhh's, picture taking, champagne flowing and delectable delights. It's a bit of a blur but for the most part I remember all of the lovely people that I met. Everyone was excited to be in the lively environment, sharing Jeff, Larry and Cait's big day. (They sure do know how to throw a party!) We exchanged emails, talked about art...treasure hunts... and our love for cemeteries too!

Those of you who did come to the event, thank you so much for your support. It's always wonderful to see a friend amongst the crowd. Special thanks to Sal and Ellen for the flowers and good wishes. Heartfelt thanks to my Biff Janet, my daughter Brianne (nickname kept secret) and to Joey (nickname to come) for being my 'possee' for the day. It means everything to me for you to share in my day.

And....  very special thanks to Jeff, Larry and Cait for giving me the gift of the day and the gift of their friendships. I love you guys!

All best... Canace

Here comes the eye candy........ (click to enlarge)

Larry truly is the artist every day with the beautiful vignettes, the sensory experiences that he creates... not to speak of the infamous front window 'productions' that he creates.
If you could only scratch and sniff this one!
Beautiful arrangements.... very clever!

Oh look... I think I see some of Canace's work! ;o)
Number 3.... need a number 3
The genius of Larry once again

"The Mantel Time Machine" is published in '1000 Steampunk Creations' due to be released 7/11

I need all of this gorgeous pottery!

In the garden

Warm, inviting and oh so beautiful

Affectionately known as 'Oogey Boy'
Trapped in the Past

Did I mention beautiful vignettes?

 Thanks Biff for letting me use some of your pictures :o)

                    Happy Birthday Larry!!!