Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I couldn't help myself... really I couldn't

Remember that day trip over to Beacon to the art galleries and the antique shops?

Remember that solid oak library card file cabinet that I said if we could have carried it on our backs we would have taken it home?

Remember how I was thinking and thinking about it?

Well......................  yep......... I did it (I'm so weak) (Broke too)

Isn't she beautiful? If you remember back when I took pictures of my studio I mentioned my '72' which is another card file with 72 drawers... this one has 56.... so just like Agent 99 she is my Little Miss '56'. Not quite full yet. I'm trying so hard to be methodical and de-stash while reorganizing. No easy feat for 'The Accumulator'. I could be at this for months! The fun part is discovering things that I'd forgotten I had and getting new inspiration from them.

Just had to share. :o)




Cherie said...

Oh Darling I'm ectstaic for YOU! She's gorgeous! I can so imagine the fun you're having finding those objects that weren't lost but simply waiting to be re-discovered yet again! The magic will be beautiful! Enjoy, enjoy ;)

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, she is amazing! Understandable that you couldn't stop thinking about her. WOW!!!!

Erica said...

That is a beautiful piece of furnature!

Janet Baskerville said...

Ha! It's more beautiful in person!! :)

Jo Archer said...

I couldn't have resisted that either. it's beautiful!