Monday, April 5, 2010


Soooooo.... I hear this thump on my side porch and go to investigate. Looking through the glass door I see this squirrel .... (I've named him Bonkers)... checking out the glass jar that I keep the sunflower seeds in for the birds. 

Totally oblivious to me he dances around the jar this way and that trying to figure out how he can get it open.
Ah! Tipped it over! I wonder if anyone heard that???
 Now if I just grab it with my teeth I should be able to just open it up .....
Hmmm... maybe if I roll it around it will open???

Now one more vice grip on the lid ....
Tah dahhhhhh! (with an echo)

Determination has it's rewards!




Cherie said...

Oh WOW that is gorgeous - to see that feat in real life is amazing for me ;) Will he become a regular, a pet? I'm thrilled you grabbed the camera ;))

Canace said...

My squirrel visitor comes and goes Cherie... sometimes faster than others when 'escorted' by the dogs... lol
Don't worry... he's MUCH faster than the dogs. It's comical to see the look on the dog's face when the squirrel goes up a tree and he's still looking for him straight ahead... like... huh... where'd he go???

ArtSnark said...

too funny!