Thursday, October 21, 2010

As Promised.. Art Is.. Adventures with Keith Lo Bue and Michael De Meng

I actually find this post a bit daunting as there was such a flurry of activity the whole 'Art Is You' weekend. Workshops, laughing, seeing old friends, laughing, making new ones, laughing, vending, laughing, eating yummy stuff, yep ...laughing, The Miracle of You Art Auction etc.... and we arrived on Saturday. Things had been going full swing since Wednesday.  It seemed like we were ... yes... we really were on the run (and laughing) the whole time and loving every minute of it. Sallianne and Ellen did such a fabulous job of coordinating the event and making it the best possible experience for everyone.

Wait until you see who they have lined up for March of next year and then October! March Madness/Art Is Who

This is Janet's and my 3rd year attenting Art Is You and it gets better and better every time we go.
This time we took a one day class with Michael De Meng called 'A Change of Heart'. I found one of the most valuable lessons was when Michael demonstrated all of his paint formulas.. of course including "Uszhhh!!!", "Serial Killer Red" or "Dirty Doll Pink".

Michael has a great... albeit macabre sense of humor.  I finished my heart... well... nearly... I have big plans for how to display it.

We also took a two day class with Keith Lo Bue

"Lasting Impressions: Etching & the Found Object". This was our second time learning from Keith and we agree that he's just the best. I would take classes from him in anything he chooses to teach. We learned soooooooo much! He's such an amazingly talented/sweet/caring/attentive/sharing wonderful teacher. No, I don't really stalk him but I told Sallianne I want to take him home and keep him in a cage in my

When we're in his class we just like to absorb all the information and then take it home to work. .. and there is so much to absorb! This is a sheet of Keith's monogram/logo on brass:
 Now (the headless) Keith is demonstrating the etching process.
 Here is a piece of brass that Keith cut from brass (effortlessly I might add).
 And here it is with his monogram and domed, ready to be mounted..... such perfection!
Thank you to our sweet friend Wendy for allowing me to use her pictures. I was so caught up in the class I didn't take any.

I love all of Keith's work but this is one of my favorite pieces:

I've been etching away and applying Keith's techniques which are impeccable. I hope to have a few finished pieces soon to share. This is only the beginning:
Again... thank you to Sallianne and Ellen for making this yet another memorable year and giving us on the East Coast the opportunity to study with the best of the best. Is it time for another Art Is experience yet???

I want to say thank you too to all of you who visited Janet and I on Vendor night. I hope you are happy with your new treasures. I have more butterflies if you need them! :o)

Best... Canace

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ArtSnark said...

Oh, lucky you! Love those 2 - each has such a unique vision. Your pieces are looking great!