Sunday, November 21, 2010

HIGH FALLS MERCANTILE....... and me :o)

 About a month or so ago my friend Denise said she would accompany me to pick up my new printers cabinet (more on that later) and while we were out and up that way she said I must go see these incredible tool sculptures at High Falls Mercantile in High Falls, N.Y.

She actually had told me about them prior to that and I had perused their website... in total awe. Imagine taking old tools and creating beautiful sculptures with them and seeing the art in their simple yet elegant forms.  Hard to imagine unless you look on their website and/or visit the store. All I could say (a little jealously) to Larry, the owner/designer was that it was pure genius.

Walking through High Falls Mercantile was simply breathtaking with all of the magic that is created there. I can't even begin to describe it... you must visit their website and see some of the incredible/unusual/magical things that they have. The store is owned and operated by both Larry Ruhl and Jeff Serouya and their combined efforts and incredible taste make this a must see.

I'm rambling aren't I? It's so hard to describe this store... the antiques.. the new... the fragrance and colors.... and let's not forget sweet Cait who is their shopkeeper (in charge ;o) ) who greets you with her genuine smile when you first enter the store.  Let's just say it's an experience..... a lovely sensory experience tucked in the woods of High Falls, N.Y.

Okay, back to that day with Denise.  We went to the mercantile and we were both so excited .. first pointing to this piece.. then another.. and another. Then Denise remarked that she thought my work would fit right into the whole feel of the mercantile... both my jewelry and assemblages. It had never occurred to me until she said that... and frankly I agreed. ...  their aesthetic... my aesthetic... so in tune.

Soooo... long story shortened...  I am so pleased that I now have some of my work in the High Falls Mercantile. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite. I hope that one day you will be able to experience the mercantile yourself but at the very least go spend some time on their website.
Look at these amazing tools as sculptures beautifully displayed by Larry.
 Talk about a statement piece!
 OH.... and look! Here are some jewelry pieces by Canace!  ;o)
 How do you take such elegance and good taste and make it so homey and inviting?
 Ahhh... the fragrance of these very unique soaps, colognes, potpourri etc. etc.
 And here's sweet Cait with her welcoming smile!

 This exquisite pottery immediately took me back to my grandmother's kitchen... so affordable too!
 What a treasure trove of eye candy to inspire you...
 And a few more examples of the genius of Larry and his tool sculptures...
 More fragrance.. oh... and look... is that one of Canace's assemblages on the top shelf???
 And last, but not least in my opinion.... my delight in seeing one of my assemblages in their beautiful front window!

 Many thanks to Larry, Jeff and Cait for including my work in their extraordinary shop as well as making it a fun experience every time I visit.

I  need more soap!!!

All best... Canace


Janet Baskerville said...

It is truly an amazing shop and I can't think of a better place to showcase your beautiful work!! I'm sooooo happy for you :)

ArtSnark said...

Congrats! Looks like a fantastic shop & your pieces fit perfectly :D Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

Denise Aumick said...

When I first walked into HFM I knew it was The One shop. It offers timeless treasures that thrill everyone. Congratulations to both HFM and you. What a great merging of talents.

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing, amazing shop!!!

Cherie said...

WOW a new printers cabinet, your art on display, plus an introduction to HFM ... does it get any better? I've subscribed to HFM too ... their stock is gorgeous! Now please ... stop sending me off on these tangents ... Oh well OK then, I can cope with more diversions if you must :)xo.

Laura Tringali Holmes said...

How awesome! I'm definitely going to visit! And congratulations! Your things look beautiful in the shop!

pamelahuntington said...

HI Bille,
Lovely shop for your looks


Kathy said...

thanks for showing us this sweet shop, what fun.

Wendy said...

Hi Billie, I’M BLOWN AWAY BY YOUR WORK. I love the assemblages….and the jewelry is TD4!!!! I want all of your pieces…Your work absolutely fits into the ambiance of the HFM store. The jewelry pieces are sculptural art. I love the way they’re displayed. I hope whoever buys them, buys more than one piece and displays them as beautifully. I’m thrilled that your work is being sold in such an amazing and creative venue.