Sunday, December 5, 2010

Something New and Exciting for the Studio

Those of you who read the post about High Falls Mercantile may remember that I mentioned a new printers cabinet and more to follow.

Well, here are the pictures of my new treasure. It has the most beautiful patina and the type drawers are perfect for works in progress.  I'm so thrilled to have it and and goes beautifully with my oak library card file cabinet. It  also has all sorts of bangs, dents and stains but I love it all.. it tells a story.

 Now here was a challenge.... All the drawers had wooden dividers that prevented me from using the full depth of the drawer, so one at a time I carefully lifted them out, complete with nails and have them stored for future use.

Please don't hate me because I have a printer's cabinet. ;o)

Have a great week!

Best... Canace


Cherie said...

Hate You ... NEVER ;) Thrilled to bits for YOU ... You Betcha, with a smidge of envy thrown in ... Gorgeous, Gorgeous is all I keep murmuring here as I turn a deeper shade of green ;) Enjoy immensely Loverlie. xo.

Canace said...

Awwww Cherie... I know that came from the heart! lol

Isn't it so hard? It's exciting to share new finds and I love to see them for other people, but that green monster keeps rearing his head.

Trust me, I saved my pennies for this one!

Jeanette Janson said...

Oh, you lucky girl! This is just the kind of thing I love. Worn patina with lots of drawers for storage. Be sure to show us how you set it up!

pamelahuntington said...


Janet Baskerville said...

Love, love! Two more cabinet :)


Debby said...

It is so darned awesome, good for you.

Canace said...

Thanks guys!

Oh... and what's this about a map cabinet??? ;o)

ArtSnark said...

Oh man. The restorer in me is drooling... What a fab find!