Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stash Overflow Shed

I always love to see all the goodies that other artists find at flea markets and antique shops, so I thought I would share a few pictures of my treasures. It started out that I could organize everything very nicely in my studio, but those days are over. My husband built a 12'x12' shed for all of the larger pieces and basically all the overflow. Here are a few pictures ... a sneak peek into my not so secret stash. 

This is how it sits towards the back of our property, tucked in the woods... with our dog Dakota patrolling the perimeter. 'Dakota' a/k/a Great Mole Hunter.

Now you have to imagine the smell of fresh pine.

A small sample of the glass insulators....clear, aqua, blue, amber etc.

I have two of these, they're from either side of an antique hutch. The beveled glass is thick and rippled. I'd love to know what they've seen.

A sampling of old books just waiting to be altered and given a new life.

LOVE the lofts! So much can be stored up out of the way! See those big buckets? They're full of wooden beads!

The view out one of the windows. I'd love to live in this little cabin in the woods! Well, maybe just sleep out one night. :o)

Antique clock cases... aren't they just screaming 'assemblage'!?

Cast iron stove toppers. They have lovely patterns, perfect for rust staining and/or making stamps.

Old tin boxes. The little red one is a bank where you can divide up your savings.

This clock case is HUGE... but I know it will tell me what it wants to be one day.

Antique farm box and tray along side a box of old license plates and 8mm projector. I actually have old films!

These are just a couple of pieces from an antique organ that I took apart years ago. It was in an old barn and totally destroyed by the time I got to it, but there is always something to salvage.

An old Macy's crate.... a present from my Biff!

This old clock case actually has little doors on the sides and the oval is glass. Imagine the possibilities!

Old scales, typewriters and sewing machines up in the back loft.

Towards the back is a very sweet little tin kitchen set in red and white.

Love these old advertisements on wooden crates!
I think I need to do some new photos of my studio so you can see just how full it's gotten and how badly I needed this shed. Now I can't even go in the shed, as there is a bluebird family in residence and I'll have to wait until they fledge their young.

Just had to share one more picture. Years ago I brought a tiny piece of my grandmother's rambling roses to this property. The roses now completely cover the back bank and I have planted a small piece on the arbor this year.... it's in full bloom now... with another bird's nest inside!
I hope you've enjoyed your tour of my studio overflow shed... a/k/a Studio II.

Best... Canace


Kathy said...

nice goodies in there...but I must say, this is the cleanest shed I have ever Nice to have an overflow tucked away, where is doesn't drive you nuts, good job!

Cherie said...

OMG the aroma, the treasures, the non stop Oooo-ing & Aaaah-ing ... as I went green with delight! Love your shed Darling, I'd move in tomorrow ... Ahhhh bliss ♥

Janet Baskerville said...

These are great pictures Biff, and the roses look awesome on the arbor too! :)