Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Next stop... BEACON..... please step carefully....

 That's what you will hear if you take the Metro North train out of New York City. Normally Beacon is one of the stations where I catch the train for a day in the City but this past Saturday it was a new gallery for 'The Biffs' (Janet and I) to show our work...just jewelry this time. Funny how things happen... one day you're on an art studio tour meeting new artists.. next you're at their house for lunch.. and the next thing you're in a new gallery!

This is the River Center Gallery, part of the Scenic Hudson. It sits right on the Hudson River as part of a little park, right next to Dia (look that one up) and the train station. It's a converted barn and a fabulous space.
 Reception was Saturday evening... with a great turnout.
Janet welcomes you to the River Center

Setting Up


Our Table.. see the Hudson in the background?      
 These are some of Janet's pieces on display.

And these are mine below:
 Many Hudson Valley artists represented along with their Hudson River landscapes...

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the River Center in Beacon... next stop.... 

Best... Canace


Seth said...

What a great location for a show. The exhibition looks like it was really wonderful. And great to see the jewelry sides of you and Janet.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

your necklaces are ah-mazing!!
love them, jan