Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Day at the Museum of Modern Art

 This past Sunday Biff (Janet Baskerville) and I decided to head off to the City. We researched current exhibits in all the museums and opted for MOMA. I think it's because we were both craving some excitement and color... and we found it. There are no words for the feeling when you're standing in front of one of the paintings that you've seen pictures of for years and now it's right there... right in front of you! Below are some examples of what we saw. Please forgive some of the images as some of the paintings were protected by glass and it was hard to avoid the reflections. I hope you'll enjoy the day through our eyes.

Best... Canace

Arriving at Grand Central Station

Grand Central


So thrilled to find Joseph Cornell's work... assemblage is my first love.
Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell
 This painting by Matta took my breath away. His ability to convey light and dimension should definitely be seen in person.
Roberto Matta

Dorothea Tanning

I have to admit that until I saw Pollock's work in person I didn't 'get it' but now I do. I would guess that this painting was about 9' high and 18' wide.. full of energy.
Jackson Pollock

Robert Rauschenberg

Andy Warhol
 When you first see this it appears to be a giant spooky tree. As you get closer you can see all the little children. The detail is amazing.
Pavel's 'Hide and Seek'

 I was so surprised to find out how small this painting is but nonetheless it's so powerful.

Georgio de Chirico

 8' high and 13' wide

This piece by Schwitter is one of my favorites
Kurt Schwitter

Francis Picabia

Marc Chagall

Gino Severini

Kazimer Malevich


Georges Braque

 Also rather small.. but it's so nice to know you've seen it in person.
Van Gogh

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo


 This is one part of a triptych...  a massive and beautiful display. Each canvas was 6' 6" wide.

Richard Artschwager

Pigeons anyone?

Back at Grand Central
 All that and a delicious crepe for lunch made for a beautiful and inspiring day!


Cherie said...

WOW = speechless, head shaking, happy for you, a smidge green, yet WOW is the only word that comes out of me as I scroll up & down mesmerised.
Thank You Darling for giving me the opportunity to have a squiz over your shoulder ☺ XO

Canace said...

Cherie! I wish you could have been there with us.. then a couple of weeks later I went to the Cloisters.. amazing. Hope all is well with you and yours. xoxo

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Wow. I have never been to a museum of modern art before. I loved it!! 95% of what I saw, I loved. The spooky tree really being children and the metal piece were my favorites. But, then I had about 10 more favorites!
You and your biff obviously had a great day!

xoxo, Jan

JackieP Neal said...

Wow! Thank you for the visit you shared! Such wonderful pieces of art, I may have to look again and again!