Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UFO's and Weird Phenomenon

Not too long ago we spent a week up in New Hampshire with my daughter and her husband. While there we stayed in our motor home on their property which abuts an air strip owned by her husband's family. We park to the side of their house which gives us a lovely view of the fields, mountains and of course the air strip. It's a very large, wide open space affording an amazing view of the night sky.

One night around 10pm I decided to head back out to the motor home to get some sleep and my daughter said she wanted to walk over with me. I headed out first with her following shortly behind. As soon as I walked outside I heard a very loud, very deep humming sound and saw some lights up to my left coming very slowly over the trees. It wasn't a hum like a helicopter or the roar of a jet, it was a steady deep hum like a large factory or generating station would produce. The lights were shaped oddly... several lights in the front, narrowing in the middle with 2 more lights, then widening in the rear with several more lights... all white. If you imagine the shape of a dog biscuit that's about as close as I can explain the shape. It seemed to be flying low although it might have been immense and I lost the concept of size and distance... I don't know. My daughter then came out of her house and immediately saw what I did and said "OMG... what is that?!"

We watched it fly across to the center of the field, then very quickly it headed south where we saw what appeared to be one side flipping up to make a 'V' shape and a small light appeared up to the left. As soon as this configuration took place the craft veered instantly to the left, farther south, and then very quickly to the right where it disappeared.

My daughter and I ... mouths wide open.... couldn't believe our eyes.. but whatever it was we both saw it and we agree on the size/lights/sound/speed. We'll never know what it was but since it is unidentified I would have to call it a UFO.

As most of you know, I live in the Hudson Valley near Pine Bush and our area has been determined to be a vortex of magnetic energy similar to Stonehedge. There have been hundreds of sightings of UFO's here making Pine Bush a UFO Capital. Our area has been featured on the History Channel, Discovery Channel and many other documentaries about UFO's because of the frequency and legitimacy of the sightings. The 'hot spot' is about 10 minutes from our house near a cemetery. There are hundreds of stone chambers peppered throughout the valley that are believed to have high magnetic levels and perhaps are related to the sightings.

If you would like to see some footage and read more about Pine Bush and UFO's here is a great link Pine Bush UFO ... fascinating! One piece of footage has an illustration of the UFO like we saw in New Hampshire.

There is also a book about it called 'The Pine Bush Phenomenon'

I think it's all very exciting and fun to think about, especially since it's right in my back yard, but if you want to read about your own area I would recommend the 'Weird' books. I personally own 'Weird New York' where they list all the strange/interesting phenomena in New York, but I believe they have published a book for nearly every state now. So pick up a copy and learn of all the strange and wonderful things in your back yard.




Janet Baskerville said...

Reminds me of "The X files" - There's something out there...

N.H. Flapjack said...

Interesting sighting! I document reports of UFO's seen in N.H. I have a few questions about your sighting. Please contact me.