Monday, November 2, 2009

The Last Stormville Flea Market Hoorah

Yesterday was the final flea market for this year at Stormville, N.Y. and of course Janet and I were NOT going to miss it. (Can you tell we're inseparable?) Our friend Anne joined us there and we three had a great time (We missed you Pam).. albeit exhausting... I think we dug/searched/rooted/scoured the antiques section for about 6 hours. Oh... small break for sausage and peppers and fried dough... mmm!

Here is just a small sampling of the treasures at the flea market. Quite honestly I was so busy dashing and hunting I forgot to take very many pictures. This was just one vendor, a lady from Maine whose name I have if anyone is interested:
And here are some of the treasures that followed me home:
All in all it was a great day... great weather... great treasures and great friends.




Redness said...

Ooooo I'm greener than kermit at your gatherings ... well done ;)

Canace said...

Thanks sorry... lol

We really did have a great time and those treasures are getting harder to find all the time.

Jeanette Janson said...

Wow, awesome! My favorites are the seed packets and the bells. I love rusty bells, especially little ones. Looks like you got a good haul, enough to carry you through 'til next Spring?

pamelahuntington said...

Wow, Canace...
There were some fabulous things there this time!!!
I'll be there next