Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have you seen it???

I'm talking about the movie '9'. .. a Tim Burton film.

If you like old/rusty things and love to see them put to use then you should like this movie. A friend of mine.. Janette Schuster told me about it and Janet, my husband and I watched it Saturday night.

You have to like animations and little worlds. The graphics will take your breath away and the imagination is delightful. It's kind of an industrial/steampunkish style.

Janet wants #7 and I want #5

You'll see!

Here's a link to the trailer for '9'





ArtSnark said...

Oh yes, the 6 yr old & I loved it!

pamelahuntington said...

Oh, glad you posted this - I didn't know it was
out on video and did you see that fabulous
""? It was great to see you this weekend...really want to do something together
again soon!!

Canace said...

I just went to the 9experiment site... very cool! Thanks Pam!

And yes... Great to see you too .. and whenever you're ready come on over and we'll spend the day in the studio. :o)