Monday, January 11, 2010

A Question for You....

I have been giving some serious thought to giving an online class in Photoshop. One minute I'm excited about it and then when I think about all the work involved... not so

Either way, in order for me to make a decision it would help if I knew the majority thoughts on what would be most desirable.

Would you be more interested in learning the basics that would enable you to create/complete a digital collage or are you more interested in photo manipulation where you can alter your photographs to their best advantage... maybe add some special effects? This is all assuming you own the program and are basically familiar with it.

Also, do you prefer an online environment where you will be given permission to access the site and work on your own at your own pace or would you prefer to take it in stages with 'homework' assignments to be turned in then progressing to the next step... probably a 6 week class. Either way you would always be able to contact me with questions.

I would really appreciate your input as I'm torn as to which would be more desirable.

Thanks so much!




ArtSnark said...

Hey there. Sounds interesting. Will spread the word.

Personally I like to work at my own pace but that is just me

Janet Baskerville said...

I for one would be interested in photo manipulation. As you know, I am a total beginner to photo shop, but I would like to learn how to layer, color, take things out or add things to an image that I could use in my mixed media collages.

I will be right over for my first lesson! hehe :)

Cherie said...

Oh Darling you are the answer to a prayer. I'd adore to do a workshop. I have not one idea about where to begin ... do I qualify? If so then Please, count me in. xo