Monday, September 27, 2010

What is it about auctions?

Is it the vast array of antiques and collectibles? Is it the people watching? Is it that one treasure that you spotted in preview that you just can't live without? The competition? The education? Of course it might be the hot dogs with sauerkraut but I doubt it.

This past Saturday Janet and I ... as usual joined at the hip.... decided to take a quick preview of a local auction. No such thing. This auction had such a diverse collection of treasures I could feel the excitement within the first 5 minutes of being there. My first find was 2 very old, very distressed old clocks that I had to have. The second was among boxes and boxes of books, a box FULL of old ledgers dating from 1906 that I also had to have! I couldn't wait for the bidding to begin! I knew I just couldn't live without either... that I must have them.
We sat for about an hour when the journals came up for bid. I was so hoping that they wouldn't break up the box and start selling the ledgers individually. No, they are selling the WHOLE BOX of journals together as one lot! The bidding started at $10 and between myself and one other woman it steadily progressed. No, I was not going to show a moment's hesitation. She needed to know that I was going to have those ledgers no matter how many times she bid against me.

I got them! I think Janet was as excited as I was. There are quite a few more than in this picture and the most beautiful ones aren't showing. (Too lazy to go back downstairs)

 (Imagine...5 # sugar for 60¢)
Trying to look cool/calm/collected when handed the box I wanted to stand up and do a kabuki dance, instead I decided to take them straight out to the car(lest someone take my treasure away) and when I nearly dropped the heavy box into the car this big cloud of dust blew up in my face. S'okay.. that means they've been tucked away in someones attic for a century... adds to the intrigue.

We stayed for a couple of hours and they auctioned off countless old coins, jewelry, original photographs that were part of the estate of a Daily News reporter. There was Elvis, Jackie Kennedy, John and Oko.. etc. etc. .. going for big bids. Two gorgeous spool cabinets went way over my bidding limits... I could go on and on. It was great fun, but it was hot in there! I left an absentee bid on the clocks and we headed back to my house where my husband had dinner nearly ready. So nice to come home after a hard day of bidding to a home cooked meal. ;o)

Janet and I are very fond of period movies and we'd been watching a series called 'The Aristocrats', so that's what we were engrossed in when the phone rang around 9 or so. "Hello, this is *** auction market calling to let you know that you've won the clocks." Another Kabuki dance! I got the two most precious things in my mind's eye that day!

So what is it about auctions? It's all of the above...(well, maybe not the hot dogs with sauerkraut) just plain exciting and fun... and I won the ledgers and clocks!

I'd love to hear about your fun at auctions.. the best treasures you've won etc.

Happy bidding!

Best... Canace


Denise Aumick said...

I don't know what it is about auctions...the fun? the mix of people and what interests them enough to place bids? the possibility of scoring a coup? Or...maybe it's just the stuff...vintage, antique, unique - so much is just way too cool...kind of like those ledgers and clocks!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

how do i get you to share with me??

hmmmmm..........i really love your art. guest room looks like a canace gallery
oh, oh!!!.......i'm having more foot surgery this coming wednesday..........

if that doesn't do it, nothing will. LOL

just wanted to tell you how excited i am for your amazing finds!! i got goosebumps for you!

been thinkin' about you as i clean up the crack house which has bypassed crack house,
has bypassed crap house
and is nearly my studio again.
i'm so tired. LOL

love you, jan

QueenBe said...

Isn't treasure hunting fun! Especially when you have the goods to show for it. Congratulations on the finds! I've been missing your blog lately, and am glad to see you back!

Jeanette Janson said...

I am so stinking jealous, I can hardly see straight!