Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Meandering and Treasure Hunt

A few weeks ago we attended a weekend wedding (Congratulations Cait and Jason!) in Hancock, N.Y. .. a sleepy somewhat forgotten little river town. It's where the East and West Branches of the Delaware River come together.

When we first arrived we passed this deserted looking storefront with these bizarre looking heads.. . bizarre.. must photograph!
Needless to say I wanted one (or more) of these heads! We're not sure if they were cement, plaster.. who knows? Peeking in the windows the store was cluttered with all manner of 'stuff' including a magnificent old woodstove, complete with the mica in the little windows.
Then, looking at an angle through the front door I saw this gorgeous old solid brass scale I would LOVE to take home. Not to weigh myself of course.. that wouldn't be prudent. ;o)
We looked all around for someone to ask about the store but the street was literally deserted. The next morning we checked at a local fly fisherman's shop to see what he knew. He said that the store had been closed for years and the gentleman who owned it had gone pretty well into seclusion. Oh well.. it's still lovely to look at!

The wedding was lovely and we had a great time, but now it's Sunday and time to head home. I decided to take the scenic route as it was a beautiful fall day and there wasn't any hurry. On our way out we saw this lovely mother and daughter.
We drove home over hill and dale, bordering the Delaware River all along the way. It was a beautiful drive and very relaxing.. until.... I spotted this!
Anyone who knows me knows I hate to ever turn around... except for this! A treasure hunters dream!
Here are some pics from inside.
Kitchen Goodies

Lots of brass and copper!

Silver and pewter...

Lots of everything..

Picture of perfection... I forgot I wanted to buy this  :o(

Lovely old watches

And here are some of the things that I purchased. It would seem that I've developed a love for old stove parts. I'll have to start making some really BIG assemblages with these!
Mystery wheel.. has a steel center with spools.. anybody know what it is?
Coal stove draft door and stove skirt
Stove door with mica
Gorgeous old stove door!
I'm thinking I may just hang all the old stove bits on the front of the barn... a collage of rusty bits!

Hope your weekend is a good one..

Best... Canace

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Cait said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! Love the pictures of the store front. I am VERY intrigued by this now!!!