Friday, January 27, 2012

Okay.. I admit it... I'm totally hooked

On Pinterest that is....  (Notice the button on the right)
I'd heard about Pinterest a few weeks back from Janet and I thought "That's nice." and immediately dismissed it as yet another time consumer. Then last week, for whatever reason, I decided to have a look and see what it's all about. Oh boy... I'm a dedicated pinner now!
What a great place to see all sorts of images... all the things that you like most... and pin your own images that other people may re-pin to their boards. It sounds rather simplistic and mundane.. at least it did to me at first, but once you get set up and start looking around it becomes a generally 'feel good' place where you're surrounded by all the eye candy you could possibly want to see and be inspired by.

My question is..  and this is part of the reason I resisted at first...

How in the world do you keep up with it all?! The last thing I needed or wanted was yet another site that would consume my time, yet I see so many familiar faces and know that they are on countless forums, twitter, facebook, linkedin, they're blogging, networking, shopping, selling, creating...  How do you do it? Do you have everything tied into your iPhone/iPad and watch it all day long?

There must be a science or an art to keeping up with it all and if so I haven't a clue what it is. I just stop in occasionally and try to catch up, exercising a lot of discipline to get off and back in my studio.

So... I truly would love to know....   How do you keep up with it all???

Have a great weekend... pinning...

Best... Canace


Janet Baskerville said...

Inquiring minds want to know!!!
I haven't a clue, but I'm addicted too!

ArtSnark said...

I don't - haha. I do like the search feature. Have found some good recipes - plus some fuuuun eye candy

Jeanette Janson said...

Yes, it's another black hole that my time and energy gets sucked into....but it can also be inspiring and a great way to view beautiful things with like minded people.
Limiting your time there is the key!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

It's like this, Canace,
it IS a black hole of time but it's a wonderful, inspiring hole full of deep's the perfect way for me to escape - better than any Facebook, blog posting and when it's late in the evening and i'm out of the studio (if i ever made it in there!)
just love it and enjoy it!! jan

Cherie said...

I go there, do it, but I don't get it ... I have trouble uploading, periodically my PC blocks me ... it's a pain in the butt, time consuming, for what reason escapes me ... but I persist!