Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something a Little Different

Recently I decided to re-visit an old love of mine.... oil painting. I'd turned my back for the past 20 years in favor of the excitement of mixed media art... finding landscape painting rather boring. I'm not totally sure why, but for some reason I needed to smell the paints and play with them again. So I've taken a few shots of the progression of a painting.. my first in 20 years.
 Those of you who know me know that the Hudson River flows through my veins. I was born here and have lived in the Hudson Valley all my life. (Long time btw) So, I decided I'd paint a river scene.

This is a very basic outline of intention with a light wash in the sky:

Next I decided to make the sky a bit more dramatic .. then added the mountains:
I still didn't like the sky all that well so fussed with it some more, then added the reflections in the river and a few rocks in the foreground for depth:
A few bits of grass and a small island and I called it finished:

 And now it's framed:  (Looked like it took about 20 minutes to do didn't it?)

It felt like visiting an old friend to paint in oils again. I'll just add it to the plethora of mediums to use now and again.

I hope you enjoyed the process.
Best... Canace


Deb said...

it's nice to see the progression to a fine result. I'm wandering too medium wise. If feels good- like a good stretch.

Seth said...

Mighty impressive after being away from the medium for 20 years! And nice to stretch as Deb said.

Canace said...

Deb.. what a perfect choice of words. It truly was like a good stretch to work with oils again.
Thank you!

Canace said...

Thanks Seth! I consider that high praise. :o)

Janet Baskerville said...

This one is very beautiful and I hope you will post the other ones too:)