Monday, April 2, 2012

Ellenville, NY Reception for Seth Apter - The Pulse of Mixed Media

Last Monday night was the opening reception for Seth at the Ellenville Gallery Link for his artwork as well as talk and book signing.

 As promised, here are some pictures from the reception:
This first group is from Seth's 'Passages' series. I walked around the corner to see these and it took my breath away. The pictures (of course) don't do them justice. Each and every piece told a story and with the finesse and artful eye of Seth style.

 There was good food and lots of good conversation. Everyone was very impressed with his work and doubly pleased to meet Seth in person.

Lots of good conversation

Everyone enjoying the exhibit... the press too!

Seth giving his talk about 'The Pulse of Mixed Media'

A book signing...
More conversation with internet friends..

And still more book signing..
And here are a few examples of Seth's series called 'Interior Angles'

 You really have to see these in person to appreciate all the interesting texture and perfection of design. Rumor has it that Seth will be teaching this technique at Art Is You in Stamford Ct. this coming October. Sign up now... I'm sure his class will fill up quickly!

To hear all the latest on his book tour, podcasts etc. visit Seth's blog, The Altered Page.

Congratulations Seth!

Best... Canace


Janet Baskerville said...

The evening was a blast! Seth is a true class act!

Seth said...

Thanks so much for being a part of the book, a part of the exhibition and talk, and a part of this creative adventure that we are on. And now...thank you for this post. What an amazing ride!