Friday, July 20, 2012


I know I'm not alone when it comes to this... THE MISSING MOJO. Sometimes it can be scary and unsettling when the creative muse isn't happening. I think at times we as artists just need some time to breathe... to recoup our creative energies. When this happens to me and thank goodness it's not often... I like to reorganize my studio. Trust me, it was probably long overdo. I get all fussy making sure everything is in its place and labeled accordingly. LOVE all those little drawers! Usually while I'm organizing I will come across something I may have forgotten I had and it gets me excited to do something with it.

If I'm not in the mood to organize sometimes I'll sit with a nice cup of tea and my art books. Hopefully something will trigger and I'm back into my Mojo. 

If all else fails I weep my worries to 'The Biff".. that I've 'lost it'... that I'll never get my Mojo back. Each of us by now knows that we just have to be quiet and encouraging.. .that this too will pass.

Most recently I had the longest missing Mojo in a long time... very unsettling! But now it's back and I'm bursting with ideas again.

This is my latest piece called (I think) "Timekeeper". While organizing I found the old clock case.. a rather odd shaped one I think. That, and one of those antique hanging receipt holders and some lovely brass gears and I was once again back on track. I must say it was fun painting the stormy background.

So nice to have found my Mojo!

Have a great weekend and remember, sometimes you just need to breathe and allow the muses a rest.

Best... Canace


Cherie said...

Darling your Mojo took a little break and came down here to visit but I sent her back!
C'mon, seriously, you're not a machine, you do need a break, you can't be ON 24/7 ... well if you're bionic you could be ;) Settle down Darling!
Love this piece, stop stressing, fretting and just go with the flow ... you're marvellous, wonderful, talented, sometimes you just need to ... breathe ;)
Much LOVE and Huge Hugs. xo

Canace said...

Aww.. thanks Cherie.. you really are such a sweet and loyal friend.

I did need to breathe and recoup my artistic energies.. you're right!


Janet Baskerville said...

Woohoo - you got your mojo back and this is a great piece! Now don't forget to breathe and enjoy the journey...:)

Seth said...

Brilliant piece. And yes your mojo is back and better than ever!