Monday, July 2, 2012

SCAM on ARTISTS - Be aware

Yesterday morning I received what appeared to be a legitimate email requesting information about several of my assemblages including one that had been published recently. I was a bit suspicious as the inquiry had four pieces listed on the subject line and the body of the email didn't refer specifically to any one piece or request more detailed descriptions etc.

"It began with: I am highly delighted in your art and am interested in the piece I add to the subject line."

I responded to the email with the pricing information and when the reply came it became very clear that this was a ploy to extract personal information about myself; name, address, telephone number and Skype ID.

I am guessing that either this person got  my email address from my website or from the publication and this is a new ploy to appeal to the artist's ego thus making it difficult to withhold the information they are looking for. Please be aware and wary of any emails inquiring about your work. If they ask for your name, address and telephone number, don't use Paypal, insist on having someone come to your studio to pack the art work for shipping etc. don't buy into it...  don't give them any information.

If you have had a similar experience I would like to hear about it. We need to look out for one another and get this warning out so that no one has their identity stolen or worse.

What a shame that these devious minds are always finding new angles to attack innocent people and now are preying on the art community.

Have a great week and may all your sales be legitimate and rewarding.

Best... Canace


Seth said...

Thanks for the warning! At least one good thing came from posted this wonderful assemblage as a result!!

Cherie said...

Sad you had to go through that Luv, but grateful to be aware of yet another low life at work. Use it inspire you into creating a wonderful edgy piece. xo.