Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How BEAUTIFUL is this?!

As some of you know, the reception at the Lazarus Gallery in New Rochelle was a couple of weeks ago where 25 artists are participating including myself. It was a lovely reception (previous post) where I met fellow artists as well as the public. One of those artists and I decided we would do a swap since we both love creating assemblages and of course you never have enough odds and ends to give it that perfect touch.

 My package came yesterday and OMG...(kabuke dance) OMG.... just look!

Imagine how excited I was to see this when I opened the box!

And here are a few of them arranged in a printers tray.

 I can only hope that he is even half as excited when he opens his package of 'stash'.

 Thank you LC!!

Best... Canace


Janet Baskerville said...

I would have passed out on the spot if this box had come to me! You're a lucky girl!!!

Jeanette Janson said...

WOWZA!! That was some package : )

Cherie said...

Oh Gadzooks how amazing and doubly amazing you mention New Rochelle. email to follow :)