Sunday, April 7, 2013

JEWISH HISTORY.... in my hands

A few months ago an artist friend of mine, Chuck Davidson most recently noted for his 'Archeoart' contacted me when he'd returned from a dig in Israel.

 #1 I was completely consumed with jealousy about the dig
 #2 I was dying to hear all about it

 #3. Chuck had brought back some pottery shards that he thought I should design some jewelry around.

 I love a challenge and this sounded so intriguing, so Chuck invited me to his home to see the shards and brainstorm the jewelry pieces.
Did I mention that these shards are from the Roman era? Only once have I ever held something in my hands that has such history. Picture terracotta shards with the potter's finger imprints from throwing the pot(s) on whatever type wheel they may have used.I felt an amazing connection running my fingers over lines that had once been created by someone who I'll never know but who took such pride in his or her art.

The story as I understand it is the people of Beit Guvrin / Maresha lived in a sophisticated catacomb of tunnels and caves underground. When they knew that the Romans were going to take over their city they stood at the top of the stairs leading down into the Bell Caves and threw their pottery down inside, smashing all of it so the Romans wouldn't be able to use and enjoy their belongings. It's a lengthy and fascinating history.. just search 'Beit Guvrin' and that will lead you to extensive reading on the history of these caves.

Apparently there are mountains of broken pottery and people on digs are allowed to keep a few pieces provided they don't have significant historical value such as inscription or an unbroken vessel.I felt honored and excited to start designing around these pieces of history.

So here are the pieces that I have designed. Many many thanks to Chuck for his generosity and for choosing me to work with these cherished pieces. Please take time to visit his web page to see his very distinctive art. I stand in awe of his very diverse talents.
Photo by Chuck Davidson

Best... Canace

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