Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing with Abstracts

And it really is playing! :o)

Now that all the shows are over.... workshops over.... teaching done... back from NH... it's time for me to relax and play.... finally! I've been dying to get back into painting, along with a dozen other things, but painting has always been a favorite of mine.

About 2 years ago I decided to try my hand at an abstract and it was so much fun I just needed to play at it again. This is where I am so far.... and I'm not sure where I'm headed. I'm just playing with colors and shapes that I love. I'm thinking... hm.... maybe an image transfer... maybe some collaging.... maybe some more geometric shapes??? I'd like to keep the feel of a distant forest.....

Any input from other artists would be greatly appreciated. :o)

This is the one that I painted about 2 years ago and I must say I like it.... it's very different from anything I'd done before.Thank you all for stopping by and for your comments... I love reading all of them.

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend! Play!




Denise Aumick said...

Your artistic range is amazing. You know how I love abstracts and yours - well...what can I say? That bottom piece is amazing and the top piece is off to an incredible start. When I do abstracts I work intuitively (although I usually start with a concept). As the piece unfolds I let it guide me. Trust your instincts.

pamelahuntington said...

These are lovely...great colors and hope you have
fun tomorrow


Mystikal1981 said...

Great colors!