Friday, February 5, 2010

Feel Good Lovelies

To quote a comment on my last post by my friend Rainey from Dublin ... 'Feel Good Lovelies' is her expression for the lovely little vignettes that make a house a home. So sweet Rainey! What else might you expect from a lovely lady from the magical country of Ireland? Thank you Rainey for the 'Feel Good Lovelies'. Now following my post of supporting other artists you must go see Rainey's beautiful work at The Josie Baggley Company.

I still want to try to catch the light in my great aunt's crystal ball but it's overcast today so that one will have to wait until later.

Instead I thought I'd share a vignette from my bathroom.... yep.... that's bathroom. :oÞ
The first thing you have to do is ignore the bunched up linen under everything. It's amazing what shows up after you've taken a picture. lol That being said, here is a vignette from my bathroom that I love. Oh, one other thing... you have to discount the flash hitting the picture above the wash stand as well.

If you look closely at the oil lamp that was my grandmother's you will see a gorgeous necklace draped over it made by my bff Janet. I get such lovely presents from her! The beads are just too beautiful for words and there is nothing comparable to the way Janet puts it all together in her own special style. I would give you the link to her Etsy store but it is quite empty at the moment.... but check back later to see all the magic she's been creating.
The frame on the left has two of my favorite pics of my daughter.. isn't she a doll? (It's her birthday today... Happy Birthday Baby Dumplin'!) The center frame is just as I bought it complete with a vintage little lady that I liked and the frame on the right is my husband as a baby... so cute! Vintage bottles to the right which I have put my own labels on make a nice little cluster and the mirror in the foreground has my very most favorite vintage keys displayed. What a dust catcher that is! Oh... and the little powder box was my great aunt's. :o) Remember, you don't see the wrinkles in the linen cover... right?
I hope you have enjoyed my 'Feel Good Lovelies'




Janet Baskerville said...

This one happens to be my favorite vignettes, and noone is looking at the linen :)

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Canace, these lovlies are just LOVELY,,,Happy Birthday to your Daughter!!!
You sure have a flair for well, most everything Sweetie.
Big Hugs Dena

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Awh Thanks petal!
The labels you put onto the bottles are great & yes that necklace looks very pretty indeed.
Come over to my blog for a minute and have a look at my last two posts... I'm nearly falling down from the giddiness!

Jeanette Janson said...

I love looking at other people's things! Thanks for inviting us into your home : )