Monday, February 15, 2010

I Won and it's not a TURKEY!

One of my favorite artist friends online is Jeanette Janson and I like to keep up with her blog because she has incredible taste, is very talented and omg the treasures she finds! I leave green comments every now and again... you know.. the ones where you're absolutely drooling over something.

Well... yesterday I won a $50 gift certificate to her Vintage Supply Store! I'm so excited because Jeanette has so many neat/unusual/unique things in her supply store. We've done fun exchanges in the past but this... oh baby! I can't wait to browse around and find my new goodies. I even have a drawer dedicated to Jeanette where I keep all the little treasures she's sent to me over the years. Whenever I'm stuck for just the right thing I head for that drawer and sure enough... I find what I need. (Yes, I'm a hoarder)

You need to stop in her other store Jeanette Janson where she has her art work too. You've probably seen her work. She specializes in typewriter key jewelry and her little tin birds are unmistakably Janson.
You will see all the links to her artwork down the left side of her blog. She's a multi-talented lovely lady and I'm sure you will enjoy her blog and her work.

Thank you so much Jeanette!

Oh... about the turkey..
That's the only other thing I have ever won.... a turkey from the local American Legion. Granted.. it was a very nice turkey but it's not Jeanette's goodies!

Have a great week!




Debby said...

Lucky you!!! I love her art and actually have one of her birds and a it. And soon I will have your beautiful work in my home..yeah!!

pamelahuntington said...

Wow, congratulations on your big "win" - that will
be a great place to shop... and loved your post
with the half cash register and other treasures!!

Anonymous said...

Well done! What yum yum to look forward to!

Jeanette Janson said... are so sweet! And I am so happy you won! Take your time picking, I am in no rush. If you want to wait until you see something you really can't live without, that's fine. You probably know, I am continually listing.

Anne at Fiona and Twig said...

Hey Canace!
I found you via crazy Jan, so nice to meet you!
LOVE your art!!!

Yep, Jeanette's shop is already one of my faves. So much good stuff, it'd be hard for me to pick. But I'm sure you'll do just fine. ;-)
Enjoy your shopping!

All the best,

QueenBe said...

Your blog looks great, it's been a while since I went blog roaming. I love the little bird and now I am off to go check out her shop!

Cherie said...

A deserving win ... enjoy! I'm off to check out Jeanette ;)