Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Okay... I'm done.... totally done

I have decided that I am so done with winter now.... is anyone listening??? It's snowing again today and granted it's beautiful... but did I mention I'm DONE?

I've decided to close the curtains and pretend it's July and I'm in the gardens. Want to tag along?
Okay... come through the side gate and we'll have a nice warm sunny look around a few of the gardens.
Oh look! The Bee Balm and Gerbera Daisies are in bloom! I can hear the bees buzzing all through them.

Ahhhh.. and one of my favorites... my Siberian irises. It's such a beautiful full grouping of them, not like last year when the moles ate them from the roots up.
And back behind the garage.... my sweet Sweet Peas on that old barrel we bought at auction.
Here, have a closer look and a little sniff..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhOh look! A Monarch butterfly is visiting the sunflowers... isn't he gorgeous?

And my personal favorite... my Pee Gee Hydrangea. Such magical little blossoms!
Oh, and I call this little guy my Piggy Bee. Ya think he's got enough pollen to last him awhile? lol
Whew! A bit overheated now... let's sit out back and I'll bring out some nice cool lemonade. Sound good? :o)Thanks for having a walk through the gardens with me... I feel better now.

Don't worry.... I get like this every February.




Janet Baskerville said...

Let's have our lemonade on the side porch so we can feed the chipmunks - remember?

ArtSnark said...

lovely pics - sending warm thoughts & hugs

Canace said...

Oh yes Biff... I remember our little visitor when we were being lazy on the side porch. What a cutie!

Thanks Stacey.... I know you have lovely warm breezes there... just a little puff might send some up here. ;o)