Friday, July 20, 2012


I know I'm not alone when it comes to this... THE MISSING MOJO. Sometimes it can be scary and unsettling when the creative muse isn't happening. I think at times we as artists just need some time to breathe... to recoup our creative energies. When this happens to me and thank goodness it's not often... I like to reorganize my studio. Trust me, it was probably long overdo. I get all fussy making sure everything is in its place and labeled accordingly. LOVE all those little drawers! Usually while I'm organizing I will come across something I may have forgotten I had and it gets me excited to do something with it.

If I'm not in the mood to organize sometimes I'll sit with a nice cup of tea and my art books. Hopefully something will trigger and I'm back into my Mojo. 

If all else fails I weep my worries to 'The Biff".. that I've 'lost it'... that I'll never get my Mojo back. Each of us by now knows that we just have to be quiet and encouraging.. .that this too will pass.

Most recently I had the longest missing Mojo in a long time... very unsettling! But now it's back and I'm bursting with ideas again.

This is my latest piece called (I think) "Timekeeper". While organizing I found the old clock case.. a rather odd shaped one I think. That, and one of those antique hanging receipt holders and some lovely brass gears and I was once again back on track. I must say it was fun painting the stormy background.

So nice to have found my Mojo!

Have a great weekend and remember, sometimes you just need to breathe and allow the muses a rest.

Best... Canace

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Sunday... sUnDaY... SUNDAY (echo please)

Yep, it's Sunday and today is the day that Seth Apter from The Altered Page has featured my  still life on his blog post "It's Still Life" along with some other fascinating and beautiful stills. He will feature a new collection next Sunday the 22nd. What a great way to get to know other artists! I hope you'll stop by Seth's blog to see my still life and have a tour of the other artists as well.
 Seth is the author of "The Pulse of Mixed Media" and I'm happy to say he has two new and exciting  DVD workshops available too. Look on the sidebar of his blog to see video previews.

Happy Sunday!

Best... Canace

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Something a little different...

When you are a mixed media artist it's hard to say which medium or technique is your favorite. The beauty of being mixed media is the ability to follow your muse in any direction. Today I'm working on a new copper jewelry piece but a couple of weeks ago I was totally into painting and collage.. last week it was assemblage. Tomorrow I'll probably be working with clay... who knows?  In the meantime I thought I'd share one.. okay .. two of my most recent collage paintings.

This one has my more typical color scheme with lots of texture. I love playing with molding paste!
This painting was an exercise in using colors other than my usual and trying to keep things light.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best... Canace

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Call to Artists !

Currently on exhibit at the WVFA Gallery...looks like it could be very diverse and interesting if you are in the area.


“HIGH NOTE” Exhibit runs Aug 15 – Sept 28, 2012  Warwick, N.Y.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, Aug 15, 6-9pm
Artwork should reflect a music theme or be inspired by music in some way. Open to all mediums. Work should not exceed 36” in any direction, must have clean mats, undamaged frames & be safely wired for hanging! Gallery wrapped canvas doesn’t need a frame.

1. Email to with subject titled: HIGH NOTE SUBMISSION
2. Email up to three digital images (jpg format) of your work. Images may be used in PR, Postcards, Website, etc. and should not exceed 3MB each.
3. Image filenames should include your last name, first name and art title.
For example: Ford_Femi_Tulips.jpg
4. Include link to website / online portfolio if you have one.
Download full details here.
I have exhibited with WVFA before and probably will again. It's a lovely space and Femi is a delight to work with.

Have a great art day..
Best... Canace

Monday, July 9, 2012

Today in the garden...

It's a bit cooler today so it seemed a good time to have a walk around the gardens to see how things were growing. I took some pics along the way.
He's just a baby and a regular visitor

Yellow Swallowtail in motion on bee balm



Sun bathing at the small water garden

African Daisy

The Little People

Frogs really do sit on lily pads!
 Hope you enjoyed your walk through the gardens...

Best... Canace

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This is a wonderful PBS video about Steampunk including Dr Grymm who wrote '1000 Steampunk Creations'


Best... Canace

Monday, July 2, 2012

SCAM on ARTISTS - Be aware

Yesterday morning I received what appeared to be a legitimate email requesting information about several of my assemblages including one that had been published recently. I was a bit suspicious as the inquiry had four pieces listed on the subject line and the body of the email didn't refer specifically to any one piece or request more detailed descriptions etc.

"It began with: I am highly delighted in your art and am interested in the piece I add to the subject line."

I responded to the email with the pricing information and when the reply came it became very clear that this was a ploy to extract personal information about myself; name, address, telephone number and Skype ID.

I am guessing that either this person got  my email address from my website or from the publication and this is a new ploy to appeal to the artist's ego thus making it difficult to withhold the information they are looking for. Please be aware and wary of any emails inquiring about your work. If they ask for your name, address and telephone number, don't use Paypal, insist on having someone come to your studio to pack the art work for shipping etc. don't buy into it...  don't give them any information.

If you have had a similar experience I would like to hear about it. We need to look out for one another and get this warning out so that no one has their identity stolen or worse.

What a shame that these devious minds are always finding new angles to attack innocent people and now are preying on the art community.

Have a great week and may all your sales be legitimate and rewarding.

Best... Canace