Monday, July 27, 2009

Children's Books Freebies

I love the old fashioned graphics on old books. In fact this past weekend Janet and I were out at yard sales and the Materials Exchange and we got some great treasures. Mine included a huge box of old books. Most of them were either late 1800's or early 1900's and a good many were from Amsterdam... some in the old font. There's magic in those old books. That's when beautiful art work went into every book cover. I'll let Janet tell you about her finds (silver) ;o)

This one is especially for Stacey. Thank you Stacey for your comments on your regular visits to my blog. :o)




Linda K said...

Oh, my Goodness! One of my true loves. What a wonderful find for you.

Linda K

ArtSnark said...

Fab finds! Love the bottom one of course ;)

Cherie said...

WOW what a box of treaures - wish I'd been there! You're so lovely, as usual, to think of someone else ~)