Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Old Quaker Meeting House

I sit on the board of trustee's for a historical cemetery called "Friends Cemetery" and on the cemetery property sits a Quaker Meeting House dating back to its original construction in 1793, it then burned and was reconstructed in 1818.

The Quaker Meeting House itself does not belong to us but there is a clear possibility that in the near future we may be in a position to assume the meeting house and its preservation. We're very excited about it as we feel it is coming 'home' to us and the cemetery. As unpaid trustees we do the work that we do because we love the cemetery and the meeting house. Many of us have ancestors buried in the cemetery as well. It's a lovely old cemetery with rolling hills and stone walls situated on an old farm road next to a large pond with swans in residence. A peaceful and beautiful place to visit.

I thought I'd share some pictures of the Meeting House and the cemetery with you today.

Here is a picture of the Meeting House today:

And another from probably the 1940's

I acquired the old photos maybe 15 years ago and when I looked at this next picture I decided that the cemetery had ghosts. :o) Can you see them?

Fun to think about ... and exciting to know that we may have our meeting house to care for. Keep your fingers crossed!




ArtSnark said...

Neat - thanks for sharing. Hope your building comes home :D

Unfortunately I am dreadful at "Where's Waldo"-style ghost hunting. But I always enjoy trying!

Cherie said...

Ooooo I can see something ... how splendiferous being involved in this ... best of luck that all comes to fruition :~)