Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Toy - Technique

When I go treasure hunting and I see something interesting I don't always know why I need to have it or what I might eventually use it for, and this was the case with an old wooden wallpaper seam roller.

Light bulb moment.... use it to make a rubber stamp!

I love harlequin as you may know if you have seen my graphic prints. I decided that this is what I would do with the roller so I could just randomly roll the design over canvas in seconds. Brighter light bulb.... Rather than draw the diamonds, which can be very tedious if you tried... I decided to do them in photoshop and transfer them to fun foam. I printed the diamonds out on my laser printer and used a blender pen (thank you Janet!) to transfer the image to the foam. It was very easy to just cut out the diamonds and glue them to the roller. I used liquid nails but I would think E6000 or any other strong glue would work. Then I just zipped it over some paper to see how it worked. Tah dah! I love it!

Fun foam is sooooo cheap and easily had at any craft store. You can draw on it, impress textures in it, or cut out shapes like I did and have an instant roller stamp. :o)

Have fun!
I'm going down to the studio now and make another!




ArtSnark said...

great idea!

Itch2stitch.com said...

What a brilliant idea, I will know what to do from now on! Suzie. xx

Rainey said...

You innovative godess you! Yes I too love harlequin. I decorated my little Josie Baggley Co. dresser with such a design.