Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures from Earth Angels in Warwick

Jen O'Connor has been generous enough to share her pictures of the Earth Angels show at the Warwick Antique Barn this past Saturday. What a gorgeous day and equally gorgeous artwork!

Thank you Jen!




Jen O'Connor said...

thanks so much for sharing these images and thanks for sharing in the day...great that you could be there

Jo Archer said...

What lovely artwork in a beautiful setting. Looks like it was a perfect day out. (Even if you were forced to eat cake!)

Rainey said...

wow this art display looks greatthe bde & pumkins is so charming & a perfect backdrop for the paintings... & patchwork quilts-janey-mackers-I adore vintage quilts!!. Wish I was there!

Canace said...

You're welcome Jen.. it was a pleasure.. both to be there and to use your pictures.

lol @ Jo... forced to eat cake... hmm.. where have I heard that before? Gosh it was good. Janet and I are going to head back there on Friday. :o)

It really was beautiful Rainey... the brook.. the displays.. the artwork.. and all on a perfect day!

ArtSnark said...

Looks like a grand time :D

pamelahuntington said...

It looks like you had a Marvelous day!
Love the pictures!
Cake, I missed Cake???