Sunday, September 6, 2009

Treasure Hunting at Stormville

We left bright and early yesterday morning to meet Pam at the Stormville flea market to hunt for treasures to use in our art work. Oh my! Over 600 vendors from 8+ states. I'm sure we didn't see more than 1/4 of it. Fortunately they have it separated so the new stuff is grouped in one area and the antiques/collectibles in another so we could head right for the good stuff. What a great time we had! We lasted until around 2:30/3:00 when it got much too hot to do anymore. Personally I think I was in sensory overload by that time too. So much to see/evaluate/dicker over etc. This gives you an idea of one tiny area:

Here's Pam, intently studying some wonderful steel printing plates.
And this is poor Janet, looking so miserable, having a terrible time:

We got some great stuff... unusual stuff ... great prices for the most part. Here's a sampling of Janet's stash:
I'm thinkin' she might want to do something with spoons in the near future, what do you think?

And here is a bit of my stash for the day:
See those pretty little dice? They were a present from Miss Pam... thank you Pam!

And... AND..... oh.... no.... I think I'll save the best for tomorrow. Let me just say it's probably one of the most exciting, most incredible finds that I've ever purchased. How's that for a teaser? I am SO excited I can hardly stand it! :o)

No telling Janet and Pam!

Till then...




dime store daze said...

I sooooo wish i had gone, you guys found such cool things. till next week.dahlin

Janet Baskerville said...

I accept cash and checks to keep my mouth shut... :)

Jo Archer said...

That place looks fantastic: my favourite kinda day out!

pamelahuntington said...

Oooh, look at all those treasures.. and what
is our big surprise for tomorrow???? Great fun with and and Janet!

Canace said...

Terri... you ain't seen nothin' yet! ;O)

Jo... I'll bet you would have loved it... soooo much to see/buy!

Pam.... Now that's a friend... no clue what tomorrow's surprise is. :o)

And once again.. someone who shall go nameless should take a page from your book Pam. ;o)

Kathy said...

Oh, I wish I was with you, looks like it was fun and you got some nice treasures too.

Canace said...

Maybe next time Kathy... if you are close by :o)

Brianne said...

You look like you all had a wonderful time! Hmm... interesting though... no pictures of mom? LOL

ArtSnark said...

what fun!