Monday, June 29, 2009


Morning all..

I hope you had a good productive and/or fun weekend. Mine as you know was spent treasure hunting and the rest was in my studio getting ready for the 3 shows that Janet and I will be doing in the coming months.

Not too long ago I posted one of my finished projects which included a real butterfly. I mentioned then that he came from a local butterfly farm. The kind lady there gave me all of the butterflies that had lived their life cycle last season. I have so many that they fill one of my studio drawers. I think it's quite beautiful when I open the drawer so I've taken a picture of it for you. Please remember... these butterflies were raised for educational purposes and they lived a very pampered full life expectancy. If you click on the image it will give you a larger one that you can feel free to use in your work without any strings attached. Have fun with it and have a great day.


Blanca is giving away gift tags on her blog in celebration of being credited in Somerset Life.
Just go to her blog and make a comment and if you win you can pick out 4 sets of your choice.



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Jeanette Janson said... about hitting the jackpot! These are incredible. Isn't it amazing what comes our way when we start talking to people about our artwork : )
I am in awe, I have never seen so many colorful butterflies, and the fact that they were donated after they died makes me feel so good.
xo Jeanette