Friday, June 26, 2009

NYC Art and Architecture

Since the Central Park pictures were so popular I thought I'd post a few more of my photos from one of my 'wander around the city' days.

See anything unusual about this building?
Take a good close look and you will see that only 2 windows are real. The rest are the trompe l'oeil masterpiece of Richard Haas 1975. The building is located on Prince Street in Soho.

This next building has so many statues of great significance you may want to do some research online so that you will know what they mean. It is the Surrogate Court Building on Chambers St. in Manhattan and the meaning of all of the statues is fascinating. I practically had to stand on my head to get this shot... lol
And finally today, what is probably one of my very most favorite buildings in NYC, the Municipal Building on Centre St. in Manhattan. You may recognize it in a graphic piece I did called 'Night Watch'. If you go to my website and look under Art Cards/Fantasy you can see it. The Municipal Building is crowned by a 20' statue called 'Civic Fame' by sculptor Adolph Weinman. Civic Fame was commissioned by the City to celebrate the five boroughs uniting to become the City of New York. It's striking on any day in NY but on a sunny day its gilded copper simply radiates.
I hope you enjoyed your little walk through lower Manhattan with me.

Have a great weekend!



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