Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Old Powder Mill

Today I thought I'd break away from art (can it be true?) to reminisce a bit about my childhood. I grew up in a quiet little town not far from a park where I spent most of my time. The area was noted for the Algonquin Indians, thus it was called Algonquin Park.

On the park grounds were countless stone structures that as a child I had no clue what their purpose might have been. Now I know that the stone buildings were part of what was known as the powder mill. During the Civil War era gun powder was manufactured there and the powder mill still stands and has been restored.

The powder mill was built on a small hill and there was a room of sorts built under it with an old wood door that had a tiny opening with iron bars. Back when I was little (way back) all the kids in our neighborhood made up stories about what was in that room to scare each other. The most popular story said that there was a creature, half man and half gorilla living inside and if you got too close to the opening in the door he could reach out and pull you into his cavern and eat you alive. Needless to say I never got too close as it was all too real for me but of course there were plenty of dares. No one had the courage to take up the dare so I guess we'll never know what sort of creature lurked behind that door waiting for some tender morsel.

Last year I paid a visit to my park full of memories... even my first kiss... and I took photos of most of the old stone buildings and ruins. One in particular stood out when I uploaded it to my computer. I'm not sure what the original purpose of the ruins were but there is (in my mind and eye) a small creature living there now. Can you find him? I promise I have done nothing to alter the picture, it is exactly as I uploaded it. If you want to see a larger picture just email me and I will send it to you.

Hope you enjoy visiting with my little friend from Algonquin Park.




Linda K said...

I see a little creature to the left of the rock. Now, I want to know more about the first kiss...............hmmmmmmmm.........

Canace said...

Nope... he's not there... look harder. It's amazing really. Once you see him you'll wonder why he didn't just jump right out at you.

Hmmm... the first kiss... okay... In the middle of a field there was a huge rock that we all climbed and we would sit there and just talk. One evening I was there with 'the gang' and most of them had to go home. All but me and a boy named Richie. We sat on top of the rock watching the lightning bugs and talking and he said something that was strange and I looked at him and he immediately planted one on me. I was so shocked I ran all the way home. Btw... I was 23 years old then... lol... just kidding. I was 11 and I could never look him in the face after that.

Denise Aumick said...

First sweet and innocent. I don't know where the creature is but, as someone who loves portal images, that window photo is especially captivating.
By the way...I know exactly where that park is.

Canace said...

Thanks Denise... I'm glad you like the image.I thought it was lovely with the sun shining and the texture of the stonework.

Algonquin Park was a great place to play growing up.

ArtSnark said...

wonderful pics! So glad you're posting - always enjoy your new pieces.

Canace said...

It's Stacey! I wasn't familiar with your 'ArtSnark' ID my ZNE friend.

Nice to see you Stacey! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.