Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Favorite Things

Good morning...

I thought I'd share a few more pics today. These are some of my favorite things in my studio.

The first is 'Lil Guy' who I rescued from an auction market a few weeks ago. He's had a tough life and feels happy and secure in his little birdhouse. (Yard sale $1)

The second is a childhood fulfillment so to speak. When I was little our family had very little money and what we did have went for the necessary things so I never had the little girl things that my friends had. The one thing that I loved most at my friend Laurie's house was her tin dollhouse. We would play for hours and hours, letting our imaginations take hold. When I saw this dollhouse at a yard sale ($10) it took my breath away. Everything right down to the little furniture was the same! I look at it every day and remember vividly all the little families we imagined together SO long ago and what it was like to be 7 again.

Lastly is a more practical piece. My poor husband drove 6 hours to get it for me in Massachusetts. I call it my '72' because it has 72 wonderful drawers full of all sorts of things to spark the imagination. My studio used to be upstairs but when I got this library card file we realized that I needed to move downstairs because it was #1 So big... and #2 Sooo heavy. I'm waiting for the west side of my studio to sink lower than the rest. The cabinet weighed a ton but full... ooooo... I don't want to know!

A beautiful rainy day here.... great for working under the skylight in my studio... no glare. :o)
Off to work!




dime store daze said...

wait a second where did you get MY doll

great blog WELCOME to the crazy world of BLOGLANDIA

Canace said...

Hey Terri :o)

Thanks for the welcome... I'm hooked

Now... as for the dollhouse... you can come over and play but you can't take it home with you. ;o)

Good luck with your beautiful new website!


Anonymous said...

welcome to blogland Billie. So nice to have you around. I linked you on my blog.

Denise Aumick said...

Nice yard sale-ing there, Billie. I covert the dollhouse.

Canace said...

Thanks so much JoAnna... and Denise... 'Back away from the dollhouse!' lol

ArtSnark said...

Fun studio pics! I had that exact dollhouse as a kid (also from a yard sale) & loved it to death

Canace said...

Thanks :o)
I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. I know I always love looking at other artists studios. I guess that's why there's a book and a magazine now..... we are all curious.
So funny you had the same dollhouse. I guess it was fairly popular. I just love it!
Hope you'll stop back again :o)