Friday, June 19, 2009

More Studio Pics and a new assemblage♦

Good morning..

I'm determined to zip right through this and get down to my studio so here goes....First the pics of the studio...

I know every one of us have all these great ideas zipping through their heads all the time for things to create. I can't afford not to write them down so this is a pic of some of the post-it notes that I have in the studio.... and for my graphic arts my office looks the same... notes... notes.. and more notes. Sometimes I can't figure out what I was talking about when I finally get around to them!

Soooo.... pic of notes.... my work table that day... and some vintage doll heads that give my daughter the creeps... and she loves anything to do with halloween... go figure.

Lastly is my latest assemblage called 'The Summer Of' ... I listed it on Etsy last night too if you want to see more and larger pics. Comments welcome :o)

Have a great weekend!




Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite assemblages and I know where the secret message is...:)

ArtSnark said...

great assemblage! coveting your cabinet

Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

I love the box of heads.

Jeanette Janson said...

We must be on the same artistic wave length! My latest art piece was done in a printers tray/shadow box very similar to this one!
Love filling all the little cubbies with different items : )
xo Jeanette

Canace said...

I saw that Jeanette!I can't wait to see your finished assemblage. They have a way of creating themselves don't you think? I actually finished this one about 2 months ago but didn't want to list it until I was sure I had a box it would fit in.

It's a great way to tell a story.

xoxo Canace

Canace said... need to have a talk with my really freak her out and I love them :o) Thanks for stopping by!

Canace said...

Thanks so much Stacey... and I know what you mean about the was a long time coming and is my most cherished studio piece.

You'll find one one day..


Canace said...

jbaskarts... is Janet... and she is my bff so she has the advantage of seeing my work in progress. Don't let her gloat! ;o)

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo bff

Check out her amazing art on sidebar. Everything she does has Zzzushhh!