Monday, June 22, 2009

Turtle Traffic Jam

Morning all...

As you may have read, I live on the Shawangunk Mountain range in the Hudson Valley and for the past few years I've become very disenchanted with the influx of people, what they're calling urban/suburban sprawl. Having lived here for over 20 years I've seen a lot of changes to our quiet communities.

My closest town to shop is Pine Bush which is about 7 miles from here. We only recently got a second traffic light so that gives you an indication of how small it is. Pine Bush is also known as a UFO capital, complete with a diner called 'Cup and Saucer' that has a little flying saucer out front. Apparently it is part of the magnetic vortexes that they say attract UFO's. I haven't witnessed the visits myself but it's been featured on numerous documentaries. Maybe that is what has attracted so many new people.

Having mentioned my disenchantment with all the new people I must say that yesterday I gained renewed faith in the humanity here. I was driving down Route 52 late yesterday when I started to approach the area that is considered the hot spot for viewing UFO's. Denise and Janet will know where I mean. It's right near a cemetery and most of the UFO video footage has been taken there. I digress... sorry.

Okay, so I was approaching that particular spot and I could see something in the road on my side. Apparently the people on the opposite side saw it too and they slowed to a stop along with me. There in the road was the most immense snapping turtle I'd ever seen. They're not kidding when they say turtles are slow.... as molasses in January! He was taking his sweet 'ole time if you please making his way to the other side. (with the chicken?) Well.... we put on our flashers and showed our determination not to let Mr. Snappington get run over. I would say a good 10 cars ended up behind me and probably the same for the other side before it was safe to get around him. No one complained... no one honked.... and everyone very gingerly and carefully made their way past him. In case you're wondering... and you're not familiar with snapping turtles... they snap! So it wouldn't have been at all prudent for any of us to get anywhere near this granddaddy of a turtle. I'm just so happy that he made it to the other side and all those who were there were not in a big hurry and happy to let him make his way safely.

I've attached another picture of my studio as a lot of people seem to enjoy seeing all the little details. One thing you might notice on the center island... which btw used to be a display piece in a country store..... several notebooks. I'm in the process of compiling all of my graphic prints and ACEO's into the books to use when Janet and I do the Farmer's Market on the 11th of July. The Farmer's Market in Pine Bush is a hopping place! People milling like ants the whole day, buying crusty fresh breads, cheeses, jams and jellies and all sorts of beautiful fresh vegetables. The Orange County (NY) arts council had a call to artists that the Farmer's Market would like to feature a different artist each week so that's what we're going to do on the 11th. The exposure will be good... wish us well. :o)

The reason I mention this is those of you who are artists may want to check with your local Chambers of Commerce or area Art Councils to see if you might do the same. Stop by your Farmer's Markets and ask. Ours features musicians too... so go for it... buy local.. etc. Also go to your county website and check their calander of events. Pine Bush is also featuring an art tour on the 8th of August which is free of charge. You just tell them where you want to set up your marquee and they map it. The last art tour was a great success so they're doing it again. Maybe you could suggest it for your local townships.

Well, it's Monday.... the day I reclaim the house from the weekend of run here and there so I'd better get to it.... especially if I want any studio time. I'm working on something entirely different than I've ever done before. Smell the beeswax? Maybe I'll give you a preview tomorrow. ;o)




Anonymous said...

My heart is warmed knowing that Mr. Snappington got the respect he deserved. Maybe there is hope
yet for all the newcomers :) Great shot of the studio. I must say it is so awesome sitting at the work table, with the light coming in from the sky light, watching humming birds and deer out the sliding door. I'm so lucky to have a bff with such a great space to work in!!!
Don't be jealous...:)

Lalhezar said...

Lovely Studio especially the skylight and your very heavy cupboard. Will follow your blog with interest. Suzanne

Canace said...

Thank you both for stopping by... :o)

Suzanne... are you from Oz?

If so.. my husband is too.. Melbourne

Hello Down Under!