Friday, August 14, 2009

Do you love little worlds?

It seems many mixed media artists have a special fondness for miniature worlds... tiny things... and I'm certainly no exception.

Christine Schukow takes tiny things and makes miniature worlds. She tells stories with her dioramas. She is the lady whose website I just completed and I asked her if I could feature her this morning. Wait until you see these little gems. Some of them are lighted... some are animated... but they're all beautifully done.

Visit Christine Originals and see for yourself how you can get lost in these little worlds.




Jeanette Janson said...

Awesome job on the website! You are a lady of many talents : )
I also like the green chipped doors you added on your site. Who would have thought?! Chipped paint on grungy doors??
Have a good weekend my friend!

ArtSnark said...

What fun! Thanks for the link.I've always had a weakness for minis! The 1st board game my husband invented was a riddle/i Spy game where you had to search through detailed photos of miniature rooms to find the answers.

I too think your bog border is awesome!

Jo Archer said...

They are beautiful! She must have so much patience, thanks for sharing! : )