Monday, August 24, 2009

Latest Piece

Just finished a couple more of my chunky charm bracelets. Here's one of them. This one is done on a 1950's charm bracelet... a bit of rust left for authenticity... some old game pieces and some wooden beads that came in their original crate dated 1958. Supposedly the man who purchased them originally made wood bead curtains. (Can you smell the pot?) lol

Anyhow... it's a fun 'chunky monkey' bracelet.

Have a good day!




Anonymous said...

This is clever and beautiful work. I love these charms
hugs June x

Janet Baskerville said...

Chunky Monkey love!!!!

dime store daze said...

Love it ,and as always you have such a very cool design sense.
t said...

I really love this! Suzie x :)

Canace said...

Thank you Guys!