Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show this weekend in Pine Bush

Well once again Janet and I are doing a show this Saturday. This one is sponsored by the Pine Bush, N.Y. Chamber of Commerce. It's called the Pine Bush Art Tour and I think it's going to do well as they have promoted very well, both online and in newspapers, flyers in stores etc. I'm sounding optimistic aren't I? lol At least the weather is looking perfect... 78 degrees and partly cloudy. :o)

My daughter is here for a visit and to participate as well with her jewelry. I hadn't seen half of what she'd done except on Etsy and when I saw the treasure trove last night I was stunned. The pics on etsy really do not do justice to the brilliance and beauty of her work. I think she will do very well on Saturday.

My 'sweet little girl' has grown up with a passion for the macabre' ... must have something to do with all the excitement around Halloween when she was growing up. She should charge admission to her house when she hosts her Halloween parties... animated figures... fog machines... spooky lighting... I can't even begin to describe it. (Would you believe walking/talking brains???) It really could be a public 'Haunted House' attraction. Gearing up for her favorite holiday, here is one of her new jewelry pieces... a Halloween charm bracelet with pewter charms and Swarovski crystals. Look at the cute little coffin it comes in.... lol... that's my girl!And how's this for creepy? A spider necklace!
Her Etsy shop is Mystikal1981 if you want to have a peek. We are going to work on some better lighting and pictures so stop back later too if you can.

Janet is working fast and hard on her collection of bottle cap jewelry for this weekend as well. I swear she is the resin queen. :o) She has used Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz as her theme pieces that should do well for the show. Maybe she'll have some pictures for you later on or feature them in her Etsy shop.

I guess that's enough shameless promotion for today. :o) If you're local it would be great to have you stop by to see us on Saturday along with all the other great Hudson Valley artists that will be there.




Jeanette Janson said...

Thanks for your well wishes!! I will try to get some pictures of the show tonight for my blog.
And good luck on your show this weekend as well! I love the spider necklace. Your daughter is doing something different,which is cool. Anyone can make fairies with wings!
xo Jeanette

jbaskarts said...

love the shameless promotions!!!!!
we will have fun, can't wait :)