Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Great Day and a Huge Success

It started out with a few @#$!'s ... mishaps one after another, but it turns out our show yesterday at the Pine Bush Art Tour was a huge success! The weather was only perfect... 70's and the occasional fluffy cloud. The turnout was amazing for a small town.. people milling everywhere. Janet, my daughter Brianne and I all had sales plus we made some great connections and met some fun and interesting people. I was even interviewed for the local newspaper! :o) The reporter took a picture of me with my daughter so we will have our 15 minutes of fame in about 2 weeks.Of course Janet made the first sale... she always does. (Makes you wonder why we're best friends huh?) ;o) Seriously, I was very happy for her and I always am. Turns out she sold a necklace that she'd just finished and hadn't photographed though. But... she's got a nice commission from yesterday... I'll let her tell you about it. She looks like she's straight from Jamaica, eh mon?Brianne's spider necklaces sure got a lot of attention... I think she's onto a hot idea. They looked awesome in this old gothic frame that I picked up a few weeks ago. She had a great time, did well, and it was wonderful having her with us. And... she got a call from New Hampshire that a major piece of hers sold as well!
I wish you could see the glitz and glitter of all her amazing bracelets and necklaces in the cases too. I'm prejudiced, I know. :o) I must say I'm glad she left her vampire teeth home... lolIt was so nice to see people's enthusiasm .. their excitement over artwork that was 'different' from most they'd seen. They really do have an appreciation for things that are unique. Aside from the customers it was just so nice to be caught up with fellow artists, see their work and hear about their sales. The sense of community was so much fun.

Next show... September 12th... whew!



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ArtSnark said...

Glad you & your friends had a great day! And those spidey necklaces are really fun