Monday, August 3, 2009

Time really does fly....

Just recently I had (yet another) birthday and it's made me very nostalgic. Where does the time go??? I was just 16 a few years ago... no??? One of the things that most brings back memories is music.

Here is a video of Jay and the Americans that you might enjoy. While there you will see links to the awesome Roy Orbison's 'Crying'. Once you listen to that, don't miss 'It's Over' which was my favorite. It was great ammunition when you were breaking up with your boyfriend. ;o) Somehow after listening to that song you just couldn't break up after all.

Make sure you allow some time and turn up the volume because if you're anything like me you will be there for some time.... walking down memory lane.

If you want to see The Diamonds singing 'Little Darlin' before and later this is a good video as well.


Make every day special.... it's only a short moment in time.



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ArtSnark said...

Happy Birthday! It does seem to fly faster lately doesn't it?

Your post is perfect for Musical Monday - have you entered a link over at