Saturday, August 15, 2009

Personalized Giveaway

I am going to create a personalized blog background as a giveaway. It's like a new toy. .. first I didn't know about backgrounds.. then I found a freebie... then I broke down the code and started making my own. If you come by regularly you probably have noticed I've changed it 4 times in as many days. :o)

I should say that I don't believe this will work for typepad people. It seems you have to run typepad pro in order to insert a background for your blog. I do know that this code works beautifully in blogspot and perhaps other blog engines.

Here's the deal.... If you post a link to my blog for this giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment here letting me know that you've done it... you're entered....OR email me to give me the link to your blog. I think 10 days should be a good time frame so on August 25th I will have my husband pull a name out of the hat (have to find a hat), I will notify you and we will start a dialog of what you'd like for a border. It can be most anything at all and totally personalized/one of a kind for you. I will even house the image on my server for you.

That's it.... link and comment... and you're in!

Have a great weekend!




Linda K said...

Ok, when you get this, please print out in 36 Font in red ink. Roll in whatever scent "you know who" likes best and then cover in glitter.

Oh, yeah, I would sorta, kinda love to win this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canace said...

LOL.... You are too funny Linda!

You may not have a problem.. .people are telling me they have all sorts of issues trying to leave a comment. I'll have to open it up to email too I think.

Have a great day!

Jo Archer said...

Ok, I did it and I also put it on Facebook as I'm not sure too many people visit my blog yet! lol

Canace said...

Thanks guys... 9 more days!

Anonymous said...

Pick me, please pick me!!
I'd be so grateful for a new look for a blog I already started that's been dormant for too long as I'm about to start a sewing/craft group ... I've discovered us baby boomers didn't teach our girls to sew and there's masses of darlings out there wanting to learn so I need a gorgeous blog to keep them up to date etc ... OK for now I've got everything crossed that you find that hat ;)

Canace said...

Found the hat!
6 days to go! :o)

Mel♥ said...

always looking for a change to my blogs.. thanks for the chance!

blogged here

Canace said...

Thanks guys... I've got you all noted down :o)

Mary R. said...

Oh my I never win a thing pick m,e !! I would lov e to see how you do this iam not good doing any thing on the PC i would love to win just some thying on here ,,thank you